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Why your Agribusiness start-up will fail

Why do some agribusiness startups succeed while others fail? In this article, we explore mismanagement practices to avoid and give proposals on the best ways to increase your chances of success.


Where to buy good quality seeds in Kenya

Technological advancements have completely changed all aspects of our life. One area of the farming operations that has fast transformed is the way of sourcing farm inputs like seeds, pesticides and tools. As a smart...


The 10 most Nutritious fodder crops you should grow

High quality and balanced diets are crucial for profitable production and reproduction for your livestock. However, ranchers and dairy farmers face challenges in accessing quality animal feed and fodder in the country. The other best...


How to Test your Soil PH at home-DIY

Good soil quality is basic for high crop yields, performance and profitability. To determine soil health, you need a soil test. This will help you to determine its type, PH (acidity or alkalinity value), organic...