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The 10 Best agribusiness ideas for women entrepreneurs

How can young women invest in profitable farming?  Unlike men, ladies in most African societies lack equal access to these opportunities. They do not have rights to own and control resources like land, capital and...


Best Agriculture Business Ideas for the youth

How can a farmer make extra money? By practicing agribusiness; this is professionally treating agriculture as a commercial venture beyond growing crops and raising animals. Mitigate risks and diversify operations for sustainability and survival.


Agribusiness Ideas in climate-smart agriculture

Effects of climate change are becoming clearer in Kenyan farming. Drought and flooding cycles are becoming constant, long and fierce. The 2009 drought caused Livestock farmers up to 75% loss of their herds. Crop farmers...


The 11 most Profitable Agribusiness ideas in 2021

Can you make money in agriculture? Money follows solutions, Africa faces many food security and agriculture challenges. The most profitable agribusiness ideas is offering sustainable solutions to them by youth, investors and companies. you can.