Green energy

Collection of articles news and guides on use of solar power in homes and businesses including water pumping. solar lighting, solar heating etc. Solar energy is renewable or green and its cheaper for you than fossil fuels and grid electricity.

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Best solar panels in 2021

In this post, learn the best types and brands of solar panels for homes you can install for maximum power generation. The criterion for the list looks at factors such as conversion efficiency, durability, cost among others

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Solar Power; Why you need to switch now!

Learn the benefits and uses of solar energy in homes and businesses. The post is divided into two sections: Benefits of using solar electricity and thermal heating
Uses of solar energy in businesses and at home;

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Cheap and Fast Solar Milk Chillers on the Move

Milk farmers and dairy cooperatives can now reduce milk losses while on transit. The mobile solar-powered milk chiller is mounted on a motorbike. It will help you in quality control, traceability, and better profits.