Profitability analysis

A collection of an estimate of profits you can get for various agribusiness ideas in crop farming, livestock rearing or running a profitable business like hotel or fumigation services. Profits are analyzed using a simple gross margin analysis formula of Net revenue/[profits = Total Revenue – Total costs


Can Pig Farming in Kenya Make You Rich?

Are you looking to rear livestock animals for sale? Consider commercial pig farming for bacon and pork. It is one of the fastest growing agribusiness value chains in Kenya and other East Africa countries of...

Managu kienyeji vegetables 4

How much money can you make growing managu in Kenya

How profitable is mboga kienyeji farming in Kenya? In this post, we estimate the costs and profits of growing managu in English known as the black nightshade. It is a key traditional vegetable for horticulture...


Is chicken farming profitable in Kenya?

Access a detailed analysis on revenue, costs and profits for rearing 100, 200, 500 or 1,000 indigenous chicken, layers or broilers chicken in Kenya under an intensive production system.

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How to analyze your farm profits – A guide

It is easy to carry out a CBA for your farm. Subtract the total costs from your target earnings. Whether you look into running a commercial ranch, a chicken farm or a vegetable greenhouse, this guide is yours. Follow the following three steps;

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How profitable is spinach farming in Kenya?

In this profit analysis, we determine the expected income for spinach farming in in Kenya. We use the gross margin analysis method to average get total revenues from an average price per Kilogram and total...