Why you are losing chicken in large numbers

Can you raise all your one-day-old chicks to maturity without losing any?  Chicken farming has many challenges. One of the most frustrating for beginners or existing farmers is the high mortality rate for young chicks....

three chicks on a warm blanket 3

How to keep your chicks warm without electricity

Which are the alternative heat sources to keep your chicks warm during a blackout or power outage? A slight interruption in power can cause you unrecoverable farm losses if you are in commercial chicken farming....

Healthy dairy cattle near clean water and abundant grass

Tips for successful dairy farming in Kenya

Kenya has the highest per capita production and consumption for milk in the region. It makes dairy farming one of the most successful business ideas if you are a starter or practicing cattle farming. However,...

A picture od 2 hens with chicks in a free range chicken farm 1

How to make more profits in chicken farming

Are you in profitable commercial chicken farming.? This post will explore the best tips for you to make more farm profits? They include free-range feeding, value addition and selling by-products like chicken manure. Poultry farming...

Fodder for cows 4

The best fodder crops for your cows

A list of the best fodder crops- grass and legumes s you should grow and feed your livestock for highest milk and meat yields. They include Lucerne, corn