Category: Mechanization

Pumping water using a motorcycle poweres water pump 3

Agribyte: Motorcycle powered irrigation water pumps

Use your motorbike to pump water efficiently and cheaply. This smart innovation from Kenya is cheaper to buy and use than the traditional diesel and petrol pumps. Besides a boda boda, you can attach the motorcycle powered water pump to tuk-tuk or a micro cultivator.

Solar Powered milk chiller mounted on motorbike 4

Agribyte: A Mobile Solar-powered milk chiller.

Milk farmers and dairy cooperatives can now reduce milk losses while on transit. The mobile solar-powered milk chiller is mounted on a motorbike. It will help you in quality control, traceability, and better profits.


Agribusiness Ideas for Improving Mechanization

Mechanization improves farmer and trader profits trough time and cost-savings and improved labour efficiency. In Kenya, 50% of farmed land is prepared using hand-held tools, 30% use donkeys and oxen while 20% use motorized power....