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Agriculture Insurers in Kenya 1

Where can you insure your crops and livestock in Kenya?

As a farmer, you face many risks. Some of the worst are climate change and its effects. Prolonged drought, unreliable rainfall or floods can wipe your crops in a day. Other general threats include theft...

Farmer associations and organizations in Kenya 0

Best Farmer Associations in Kenya

Kenya has robust farmer associations from grassroots to national levels. Locally, they have village self-help or farmer groups. They use them to bargain for better prices and terms with suppliers and buyers. At higher levels,...


12 National Agriculture Associations you should know

There are over 400 agriculture societies or forums in Kenya. In this list, we give you a list of the 12 best associations with a nationwide reach
that you should know and follow. They include KENAFF, KAAA and WOFAK. Learn their mandate and access their website contacts


Effects of floods on Kenya’s Agriculture

What are the effects of floods on agriculture? We discuss both positive and negative effects including loss of life and property, food insecurity, animal health and effects on fishing.


How to select good planting seeds for your farm

Learn factors to consider while selecting good, quality certified seed and settle on the best variety to plant in your farm. consider yield maturity, hybrid seeds, resistance, price, company reputation among other factors.


2019 Census Results: Insights on Kenya’s Agriculture

Kenya Census 2019 Results: What are its insights on our agriculture and food markets? Explore the data trends on human and livestock populations, crop farming, irrigation and urban farming.