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Solar energy: Why you need to switch now!

Learn the benefits and uses of solar energy in homes and businesses. The post is divided into two sections: Benefits of using solar electricity and thermal heating
Uses of solar energy in businesses and at home;

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Solar Power electricity: What you need to know

Learn how the on-grid net metering and off-grid standalone solar panel electricity systems work. Get steps to follow to go solar by assessment, installation, testing and commissioning

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Best vegetable products for the export market

Are you looking to venture into horticulture farming for export in Kenya? In this post we give you a list of best vegetables, herbs and fruits you can grow in Kenya to target the export...

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Flood control measures for farmers

According to the World Resources Institute, River floods affect 21 million people each year. Most are in food-insecure regions of Asia and Africa. Climate change is likely to worsen the severity and frequency of floods....

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Agricultural Lime: Why you need it.

Are you looking to increase crop yield this season? Use of agricultural lime can help you by correcting one of main challenges in Kenya, soil acidity. According to soil testing studies, Acidic soils occupy 13%...

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Agriculture laws and policies in Kenya

Which are the current laws and policies with a direct or indirect effect on agriculture in Kenya? This article is a mini compendium of all the rules and regulations that has an influence on prices...


Why you are losing chicken in large numbers

Can you raise all your one-day-old chicks to maturity without losing any?  Chicken farming has many challenges. One of the most frustrating for beginners or existing farmers is the high mortality rate for young chicks....


Agribusiness management information systems

Analysis of key management information systems and software applicable in smart farming, agro processing and food marketing. The articles discusses reasons why you need one and gives a list of most commons systems for a farming business

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Vertical farming: What you need to know

How can you grow enough food for self-consumption and sale within urban areas?  In this blog article, we will discuss various vertical farming methods that are available for cheap food growing for urban people.  Urbanization...

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Best hedge plants for life fences and privacy

Are you a homeowner or landscaper looking for the best plants for the safe life fences? In our list, we have listed ten of the best ones that are widely used in Kenya’s rural and urban areas.
They are loved for their privacy, safety from trespass, security and beautiful hedges?