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Agcenture empowers farmers, agribusinesses, and consumers with the right information & research for better harvests, profits & health.

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We give you free research presented in reliable and simple-to-understand blog posts on Food, Agriculture & Health topics. Read, comment, and share to stay healthy and make more money.

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We work with individual farmers, producer groups, cooperatives, processors, and agri-based NGOs among others for high-quality ADVISORY services that promote your efficiency and competitiveness.

We empower you through agribusiness management, market research, corporate blogging and market linkages

Agribusiness Advisory

Start and Run a sustainable agribusiness from scratch

Research & Studies

Market intelligence, trends, industry data & policies 

Market Linkages

Review, draft, execution of practical market and sales plan

About Us

Agcenture is the Leading Agribusiness Consulting Company In Kenya. Besides, we run Africa’s best Agriculture, Food, and Health Blog.
We focus on the following key areas;

01 Agribusiness

Transforming small scale farmers into commercial investors through the Latest Insights, Trends, and Innovations in sustainable Agribusiness!

02 Food & Nutrition

Discover the Latest Trends and Research on Food, diets, cooking and Nutrition, Unveiling the Path to Healthier Eating and food production!

03 Health & Safety

Explore the Intersection of Safety, Wellness, and Agriculture for a Holistic Approach to Farming and Food Production!

04 Sustainability

Delve into the Future of Agriculture with Sustainable Practices and Cutting-Edge Agritech Solutions to combat climate change, Leading the Way to a Greener World!

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