How profitable is a butchery business 1

How to make more money from your meat shop

Are you an owner or operator of a butchery or an abattoir looking for tips to make more money? Value addition is your best bet. You will reduce your incidences of food wastage, utilize by-products...

A group of people dining on various vegetable meals 0

World Food Day 2021 and your Food Security

We celebrate the world food day on 16th October each year. The day promotes a worldwide awareness about hunger, malnutrition, sustainability, and food production issues since 1979. Besides, it rallies a collective action to ensure...

lettuce vegetables growing on a vertical garden 1

Vertical farming: What you need to know

How can you grow enough food for self-consumption and sale within urban areas?  In this blog article, we will discuss various vertical farming methods that are available for cheap food growing for urban people.  Urbanization...

a picture of cut ripe pumpkin fruit 2

Best pumpkins varieties that are easy to grow.

Pumpkins are a nutritious and healthy meal. Its fruits are mature for harvest in 75 to 120 days after seed germination. We give the best pumpkin varieties for cooking and easy to grow in the...

A displayof cereal and pulses in a grain business market 2

Is Grain Business profitable in Kenya?

Food traders are the most essential service providers in the world. They provide food and nutritional security for millions of people by linking farmers to consumers. In Kenya, they buy, store, dry, re-bag and distribute...

climate-smart farming 2

Why Climate-smart Agriculture?

Climate change is the worst risk to modern agriculture. Droughts, floods and erratic weather patterns have become more severe and frequent in the recent past. It impacts the food security, jobs and incomes of millions...

beef farming in kenya 0

How to double your profits in Beef farming

Are you a herder or rancher looking to increase your cattle farm profits? You can double your earnings through finishing and fattening of beef cattle.