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Make extra PROFITS in your AGRIBUSINESS by getting the best ideas, Business Analysis & Business management


Learn how to grow, handle, cook and eat FOOD efficiently including; Recipes , Food businesses & Kitchen gardens


Adopt best practices to get quality LIVESTOCK and CROP yields such as; Green Energy, How to/ Guides & AGRITECH

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Agcenture specializes in giving you high quality information and advisory services for high yields and income. We work with all food, drink & agriculture enterprises to increase your productivity, value addition and marketing.  


Agcenture is an agribusiness development advisory firm in Kenya.  We are dedicated to increase your farm yields and income. Our single aim is to improve all agriculture enterprises (farmers and agribusinesses and entrepreneurs) livelihoods. Our approach is to connect all players into highly specialized and beneficial value chains.

Agriculture News

Are you searching for reliable agriculture news on food, drink or farming in Kenya, Africa? is a food and agriculture blog giving you the best research, information, tips and ideas to succeed in food production, value addition and how to run a successful agriculture business.

Our online magazine is updated weekly. It covers the current market trends, industry data, policies, innovations and overall performance on livestock, poultry and crop sectors in Kenya, East Africa.


Enterprise Analysis

Do not lose money for poor investments. Use our guides and tools on how to do your projected costs and profits analysis for any form of farming enterprise before any investment.  Your business analysis will help in doing your business plan and will cover the following areas;

  • Develop a business case with a detailed costs and benefits analysis.
  • Resource planning to estimate vaccines, animal feed, labor and cash requirements to run a successful farm
  • Draw a farm production calendar to schedule when to conduct each operation
  • Keep updated farm records for informed decision making.

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