AfCFTA Best Agribusiness Ideas for the Youth

The AfCFTA agreement creates a common market for 1.2 billion people across 55 member states. This new market opens up many agribusiness ideas for Youth in the region. This list explores the best you can invest in today.

Kikuyu New Market 1

Smart Open-air food markets for the future

When you hear about an open-air food market, you think of a dirty and congested place.  However, the latest trends in this sector are making of ultra-modern facilities. An example is the Kikuyu market.  It...

Agriculture Insurers in Kenya 1

Where can you insure your crops and livestock in Kenya?

As a farmer, you face many risks. Some of the worst are climate change and its effects. Prolonged drought, unreliable rainfall or floods can wipe your crops in a day. Other general threats include theft...

A cabbage farm 2

How profitable is cabbage farming in Kenya?

Are you wondering how profitable is cabbage farming in Kenya. In this article, we analyze the costs and returns for growing the Pruktor F1 Cabbage variety. The analysis has details for an acre and 5...

Cabbage Farming 0

Tips for successful cabbage farming in Kenya

In this article, we give you tips for successful cabbage farming in Kenya. To get higher yields, you need cabbage heads that are bigger, heavy and compact. They should be free of defects like rots,...

cabbage variety 3

Which is the best cabbage variety to grow?

Are you looking for the best cabbage variety to grow in Kenya? In this post, we give you a comparison of various hybrid seed varieties available from seed companies. To decide on the best, we...


7 Awesome Agritech Solutions from Israel

Learn 7 agritech awesome innovations from Israel They are drip irrigation, water recycling, use of biopesticides and bio fertilizers. other focus on smart farming technologies that uses IoT and AI these are use of data analytics, robotics and sensors in farms.

Farmer associations and organizations in Kenya 0

Best Farmer Associations in Kenya

Kenya has robust farmer associations from grassroots to national levels. Locally, they have village self-help or farmer groups. They use them to bargain for better prices and terms with suppliers and buyers. At higher levels,...


The Best agribusiness ideas for women entrepreneurs

Are you a young woman entrepreneur looking for the best agribusiness idea?  Unlike men, ladies in most African societies lack equal access to these opportunities. They do not have rights to own and control resources...