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Potato seed Varieties in Kenya 0

How to grow potatoes for KFC

Recently, KFC, a multinational high end hotel franchise in Kenya promised to source potatoes from the domestic market. It was after a fierce online battle with Kenyans on twitter, (KOT) after the firm revealed it...

Grocery Shopping 0

What Makes Food Prices In Kenya Very Expensive?

What makes food prices in Kenya more expensive compared to her neighbors? The inflation trend in Kenya’s food prices has remained high in 2021 and expected to continue in 2022. Agcenture explored the following four...

How profitable is a butchery business 1

How to make more money from your meat shop

Are you an owner or operator of a butchery or an abattoir looking for tips to make more money? Value addition is your best bet. You will reduce your incidences of food wastage, utilize by-products...