Agribusiness category has blog posts on commercial farming, profitable farming and best agribusiness ideas in Kenya. It has farming guides and tips to improve your farm yields and profits.

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Best chicken breeds for commercial farmers

Are you wondering which is the best chicken breeds to rear for high farm profits? In this post, we will give you a list of the best broilers, layers and dual-purpose chicken types in East...

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Best poultry farms in Kenya

Are you looking for quality one-day-old chicks for sale in Kenya? The following list has the best chicken hatcheries, turkey farms and duck and breeders in the region. Most of them have integrated the entire...

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How do farmers get rich?

There are two types of farmers, rich and poor. The rich farmers do more than grow crops and raise animals. They invest in aggregation, food and agro-processing and efficient distribution. How do farmers get rich?...

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Best pumpkins varieties that are easy to grow.

Pumpkin fruits mature for harvest in 75 to 120 days after seed germination. We give the best pumpkin varieties for cooking and easy to grow in the following list. It shows the maturity time, yield...

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Best and easiest fruits to grow in Kenya.

Which are the best fruits to grow in Kenya? We consider a fruit tree or plant to be among the best if it has high nutrition value, profitable with high profits for farmers or easy...

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Is potato farming profitable in Kenya?

Is potato farming profitable in Kenya? In this analysis, we will look at the revenues, costs and profits you can get for farming Shangi potato seeds variety for the markets. This gross margin analysis (GMA)...

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Is Grain Business profitable in Kenya?

Food traders are the most essential service providers in the world. They provide food and nutritional security for millions of people by linking farmers to consumers. In Kenya, they buy, store, dry, re-bag and distribute...

Fertlizer application rates 1

Kenya Recommended Fertilizer Application Rates

Are you looking for the type and amounts of fertilizers to buy for your crops? This article lists all key crops fertilizer recommended rates or doses. The crops include vegetables like tomato, cabbage and carrots....

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Best irrigation water pumps in Kenya

A guide on how to choose irrigation water pumps in Kenya. It has the best types, sellers & prices of solar, wind, electric, generators, hydrams & siphons

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Best agribusiness ideas for Kenyans in diaspora

Around 4 million Kenyans work and study in the diaspora. Some of them can be successful investors in the food and agriculture industry back at home. But which are the best ideas they can invest...