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How to start your food catering business in 7 steps

Are you looking to make extra money on a full or part-time basis? Starting a food catering service from home can be a very profitable business idea. It is one of the most booming areas...

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Vertical farming: What you need to know

How can you grow enough food for self-consumption and sale within urban areas?  In this blog article, we will discuss various vertical farming methods that are available for cheap food growing for urban people.  Urbanization...

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Best pumpkins varieties that are easy to grow.

Pumpkin fruits mature for harvest in 75 to 120 days after seed germination. We give the best pumpkin varieties for cooking and easy to grow in the following list. It shows the maturity time, yield...

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Is Grain Business profitable in Kenya?

Food traders are the most essential service providers in the world. They provide food and nutritional security for millions of people by linking farmers to consumers. In Kenya, they buy, store, dry, re-bag and distribute...

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How to double your profits in Beef farming

Are you a herder or rancher looking to increase your cattle farm profits? You can double your earnings through finishing and fattening of beef cattle.


Why you are losing chicken in large numbers

Can you raise all your one-day-old chicks to maturity without losing any?  Chicken farming has many challenges. One of the most frustrating for beginners or existing farmers is the high mortality rate for young chicks....

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Agricultural Lime: Why you need it.

Are you looking to increase crop yield this season? Use of agricultural lime can help you by correcting one of main challenges in Kenya, soil acidity. According to soil testing studies, Acidic soils occupy 13%...