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Agcenture.com is an online platform that provides resources and tools to help farmers and agribusinesses succeed. It offers a range of services, including market intelligence, agronomic advice, and financial and risk management tools. The platform also provides access to a network of experts and resources to help farmers and agribusinesses make informed decision

Are you a farmer or an agriprenuer?

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Agcenture is dedicated to increase your farm yields and income. We work food, with drink & agriculture firms to increase crop and animal yields, value addition and marketing.

Our Story

Kenya is food insecure. Second, the agriculture sector in the country is below its full potential. It has many gaps and inefficiencies in production, value addition, marketing, and waste management.

The majority of investors face inadequate capital and quality information to deal with key challenges affecting agriculture such as climate change.

Agcenture specializes in giving you high-quality information and advisory services for profitable agricultural production and marketing.

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About Agcenture

Agcenture is an agribusiness development advisory firm in Kenya. We are dedicated to see you succeed in efficiency, growth, and other business goals.

We work with all enterprises in the agriculture and food industries to promote sustainable agriculture production, value addition and use.

Our single aim is to improve all agriculture enterprises (farmers and agribusinesses and entrepreneurs) livelihoods. We envision a full system approach that connects all players into highly specialized and beneficial value chains.

Our values

Agcenture consulting agency is a reputable role model in promoting safe and profitable agriculture by our clients, industry and the farming community in Kenya” This blog has contributions from a team of highly qualified and dedicated agribusiness consultants based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Our values

Super Efficient

Manage your agriculture business production and marketing operations for maximum farm yields, business profits and resources use efficiency

Deeply Committed

At Agcenture we are highly committed to better agriculture (agriculture of tomorrow) as a solution to food insecurity, malnutrition, obesity and poverty in Kenya.

Highly Skilled

Agcenture has over 30 years of combined experience, Our team is drawn from highly qualified agronomists, vets, business management experts.

Our Team

Samuel S.K.

Founder & CEO

Karuana Mwai

Chief Editor

Hellen Mutogoh

Agri-development Specialist


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