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Our aim is to improve farmers and agribusiness entrepreneurs’ livelihoods through the provision of relevant and latest quality agricultural services and information. We envision a full system approach that connects farmers to the private sector through highly specialized and beneficial value chains. The four major areas of the firm are agribusiness, Climate Smart Agriculture, Urban farming and smart farming. We serve you through information gathering and dissemination, consultancy and project implementation management services to transformation your agricultural activities.

“Agcenture, is a reputable role model in promoting safe and high- value agriculture among our clients, industry and community”

we believe in the application of the latest innovative techniques, technologies, data gathering and application, and automation of agriculture while upholding highest food safety and traceability practices. Consequently, farmers and agribusiness entrepreneurs can realize full benefits from their farming activities to facilitate and support the growth of sustainable and competitive enterprises. this vision is embodied in our vision of “agriculture of tomorrow

Agcenture is run by a team of highly qualified and dedicated consultants based in Nairobi, Kenya. Our composition is well balanced with agronomists, economists, data scientists and computer scientists among other disciplines. They bring onboard rich experience having worked or consulted in private, public and development sectors promoting private sector development of agriculture sectors (dairy, livestock, pulses, grain, horticulture, rural financing etc) in the larger East African region. Currently, this team produces high quality and reliable write-ups on agricultural production and marketing through our informative blog.

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