Management Consulting Services

management consulting services

Entrepreneurship remains the bedrock of economic growth and development in Africa. Improved performance means a sustainable tool for poverty alleviation and improved standards of millions of farmers living in rural areas. However, value chain players are making perennial losses in business and going out of business within a few years of inception.

we work with agricultural value chain players offering both goods and services. Our current clientele includes individual farmers, and marketing producer groups (Self Help Groups (SHGs), community-based organisations (CBOS)and Cooperatives) and Micro, Small and Medium Entreprises (MSMEs) in agribusiness sector including Agrovets, food traders, processors and distributors.

We aim to make your business more professionally managed for smooth operations, affordable financing and profitable production and marketing of Agriculture products and services for sustainability. We tackle your challenges in “Kilimo biashara” using recognised and proven management tools and approaches such as the Product Life Cycle (PLC) Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix and the Michael Porter Value chain analysis, SWOT and Pestel among others. Our agribusiness management consulting portfolio features the following services;

Business Start-up Services

” Things do not go wrong, they start wrong.” Profitability and sustainability of many agribusinesses depend on the establishment, development and management of Paying Agencies on the onset. we assist you in;

  • Pre-investment financial appraisals and feasibility studies to determine consumer behaviour and market trends before launching a product.
  • Drafting of formal business documents such as partnership agreements, SHG constitutions and cooperative by-laws.
  • Business registration services such as name search and registration, tax (KRA), NSSF and NHIF compliance certification and branding.
  • Business advisory services in production, processing, and distribution of agricultural products and services

Financing Services

  • Financial appraisals and pre-investment feasibility analysis through short-term and long term financial projections.
  • Cash flow management to minimize the risks of theft, misappropriation and embezzlement.
  • Financing strategy including analysis and choice for affordable agricultural loans and capital.
  • Capital budgeting, financial projections
  • Financial risk management including the choice for appropriate agricultural insurance
  • Record Keeping including farm accountancy.
  • Digitizing of farm routine operations.

Business Management

All services offered in managing businesses strategically. we will craft your growth, expansion and exit strategies. in this service line, we deliver following for you

  • Design, Review and updating of management manuals to streamline finance, Human resource, digital policies and procedures.
  • 1-3 years Business plans directing your marketing, financial projections
  • 3-5 years Strategic Plans including crafting of vision, mission, strategic goals, activities, resourcing and monitoring and control.
  • Institutional capacity assessments and strengthening strategies including training
  • Business continuity and contingency plans

Sales & Marketing

Our range of marketing services provided can help you throughout the five (5) stages of a product lifecycle; development/start-up of agribusiness idea, introduction, growth, maturity and decline or extension.

  • Conducting market studies and research for insights on the latest market trends
  • Pricing strategy
  • promotional strategies
  • Training in farm management and agribusiness development
  • Agribusiness Management

Business process Automation

We digitize farming and MSMEs agribusinesses in food production and marketing through the latest technologies. we offer you the following agribusiness automation services. Design, development and hosting of customized;

  • Management Information Sytems (MIS)
  • Mobile application (both android & iOS apps)
  • corporate websites and e-commerce sites
  • Online marketing advisory.