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Whether you are an established writer or just a farmer with a story to tell, we can help you. When you write for us, we give you access to thousands of our readers and exposure via our established social media channels. Besides, you can enjoy our training on SEO, keyword research and other online writing topics.

In these guidelines, we explain the content we looking for and the submission process.

Our Audience(s)

We are a reputable agriculture and food blog providing unmatched content.  Beyond farmers and foodies, we attract Influencers, advisors and speakers concerned about sustainable food systems.  We create our content to help them improve their yields, profits operations etc.

Broadly, our content targets the following audiences;

  • Cooking enthusiasts, chefs and foodies
  • Farmers, herders, landscapers etc.
  • Food and agribusiness Professionals
  • Green living enthusiasts & environmentalists
  • International trade & development professionals
  • Nutrition, Health & fitness readers
  • Pet Lovers and animal welfare groups
  • Researchers, agribusiness journalists and lobbyists
  • Technologists

Why write for Agcenture

Wondering why you would consider sharing your insights on Agcenture.com? Here are some facts and statistics about our blog. Your blog post will become part of hundreds of articles that have helped us reach the following results. As of March 2022,

  1. 1014 linking websites and 4,837 backlinks
  2. 2000+ daily unique visitors (80% sourced through keyword search)
  3. 5,000+ Daily page views
  4. 25% month-on-month growth
  5. 1.1 million + users since launch

What we are looking for?

Have a story or an idea that might appeal to one of our audiences?  Wonderful! Below are our writing guidelines. The article you craft must have the following listed features,

  1. Casual, personal yet informational
  2. Clear and concise
  3. Divided into clear and concise headings
  4. Paragraphs of 30-50 words each
  5. Sentences of 12-20 words each
  6. Contains lists, tables, and/or infographics
  7. Comprehensive (1200+ words)
  8. Plagiarism-free content (we check this on plagiarism checker)
  9. Original (not published anywhere else)

see guest-posts

SEO Guidelines

Over 80% of our daily visitors learn about through keyword research. As such, we take search engine optimization (SEO) seriously. Kindly ensure that you comply with our SEO guidelines to come up with evergreen content

  1. Primary keyword – focus the messaging on a single keyword
  2. Secondary keywords – support with associated secondary keywords
  3. Use primary keywords as a theme throughout the article
  4. Use secondary keywords as H2 and H3 titles
  5. Elaborate secondary keyword themes within each paragraph
  6. Avoid stuffing keywords
  7. Make it readable and comprehensible for users, while balancing keywords for Google

Do you think you can write such article for us with these points in mind? Great! We are looking for you for a long-term engagement

Contact our editorial team

Tell us what the story is about and why it is important to publish. Keep it short and precise. The pitch document should not be more than 500 words. Also, tell us who you are by sending a short bio.

  • Your name
  • Company name (if applicable)
  • Article title (please check our blog to ensure the topic is not repeated)

Email the following details to info@agcenture.com with the subject: Guest post for Agcenture

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What guest posts are not published?

    Agcenture is looking for well-researched and deep articles that give our readers unique and tactical insights. The posts must be informational to offer advice, Experiences, How, Innovations, success stories, etc.

    Articles that are promotional in nature, already published elsewhere (including your site), or copied (plagiarized) are not published. Others are those who have misleading information and facts as well as individual profiles

    Why Should I publish with you?

    Agcenture does not pay for pay cash for guest posts yet. However, we are looking for writers who can contribute to our platform regularly as they hone their blogging skills. At the completion of our engagement, you will enjoy the following benefits.

    • High Back Traffic to your website,
    • An Increase in your website domain authority,
    • Improved Brand Awareness and Visibility an
    • help you in creating professional connections within the industry.

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