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Which are the best garlic varieties in Kenya?

kitunguu saumu types

Are you looking for the best garlic types to grow in Kenya? In this post, learn the best garlic varieties to grow in Kenya. You will learn about the softneck, hardneck, and elephant cultivars that are suitable for giving you…

How To Save Money On Groceries & Food in Kenya

woman wearing mast shopping goof and groceries in a supermarket.
Here are the 6 ways that people are using to reduce money spent on food, Following a budget, growing their own food, buying cheap food at farmers markets, stocking cereals and legumes during the harvest season, cooking at home and finally buying fruits that are in season

Which are the Best Soil Testing kits in Kenya

Good soil quality is basic for high crop yields, performance and profitability. To determine soil health, you need a soil test. This will help you to determine its type, PH (acidity or alkalinity value), organic matter content, drainage, texture, mineral…

How to Choose the Best Seeds variety for your farm

Are you looking for the high quality seeds in Kenya? Crop species, animal breed and specific cultivar variety is an important pre-investment farming decision. But, its not an easy choice when you are deciding among tens of alternatives. So how…