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The best emerging agribusiness ideas in Kenya

Are you wondering which is the fastest growing agribusiness opportunity in Kenya? In this list, we give you the 10 emerging business ideas in Kenya. The list is based on the growing number of individuals...

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Can you grow money on trees?

Get 8 financial benefits or incentives of growing more trees in your farm. You can earn carbon credits, sell biofuels, organic mature or sell food & beverages

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Which are the best cereals products to sell in Kenya?

A list of the most profitable cereals, grains and legumes to supply in Kenya. Theyinclude various types and varieties of maize, beans, green grams, peas and lentils. Milled maize and porridge flours fetch higher profits than the cereals.


How to make and use a Crop Calendar

Are you looking to reap the best prices and profits from your farm? The use of a crop calendar can be a game changer. It will help you to prepare land, plant, manage, harvest and...

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Do mama mbogas make money in Kenya?

Are you looking for a profitable fast food business in Kenya? Running a green grocery store, a food stall or Kibanda is your best idea. As a “mama mboga”, you will source for quality fresh...

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How to run a school lunch program

Each day, millions of primary schools going children go hungry every day. School feeding programs is a multifaceted solution to reduce hunger while increasing school enrollment. For most vulnerable children, the single mid-day school meal...

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Which is the best amaranth (terere) variety in Kenya

Are you looking for the fastest maturing or highest yielding amaranth variety to grow in your farm?   Amaranthus has 60-70 different species spread globally. These species range from grain, vegetable, ornamental and weedy types.  In...