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Agriculture Insurers in Kenya 0

Agriculture Insurers in Kenya

The farming process has many risks. The worst is climate change and its effects. Prolonged drought, unreliable rainfall or floods can wipe your crops in a day. Other general threats include theft and fire that...

Farmer associations and organizations in Kenya 0

Best Farmer Associations in Kenya

Kenya has robust farmer associations from grassroots to national levels. Locally, they have village self-help or farmer groups. They use them to bargain for better prices and terms with suppliers and buyers. At higher levels,...


The 10 Best agribusiness ideas for women entrepreneurs

How can young women invest in profitable farming?  Unlike men, ladies in most African societies lack equal access to these opportunities. They do not have rights to own and control resources like land, capital and...


How profitable is Indigenous chicken farming in Kenya?

 How profitable is Indigenous Chicken farming in Kenya Indigenous chicken farming is the most feasible in Kenya. Its meat and eggs have higher retail prices compared to exotic products. Besides, the cost of producing them...


How profitable is Broiler chicken farming in Kenya

The domestic per capita consumption of poultry meat is 0.6 kilogram per person each year In Kenya. Its gross demand is over 35,000 tons annually. There are 2.91 million broiler chickens in Kenya, according to...


How profitable is Layers chicken farming in Kenya

Kenya has an estimated population of 5.58 million layers according to the 2019 census results. Together with the indigenous chicken, they supply 1.6 billion eggs per year according to the FAOSTAT, 2019.  In terms of...


How Profitable is chicken farming in Kenya?

Access a detailed analysis on revenue, costs and profits for rearing 100, 200, 500 or 1,000 indigenous chicken, layers or broilers chicken in Kenya under an intensive production system.