The 10 most Nutritious fodder crops you should grow

High quality and balanced diets are crucial for profitable production and reproduction for your livestock. However, ranchers and dairy farmers face challenges in accessing quality animal feed and fodder in the country. The other best alternative is home-made formulated animal feed for your cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and chicken.

But what are the most nutritious and profitable crops you should source or grow for own use and selling profitably? A good mix should include grass and legume plants for high-quality yields. In this post, we are going to outline the 10 most nutritious fodder crops you should grow for most profits.  You can plant them under irrigation or rain-fed farming. The best fodder crops are;



Nappier Grass





Boma Rhodes



Why you should grow fodder crops?


  • Growing and stocking fodder crops is a risk mitigation measure against climate change and its effects especially unpredictable floods and droughts.
  • Generate income by being an agripenuer in breeding fodder crops (selling seeds, cuttings, seedlings) and selling animal fodder and feeds such as hay.
  • For ranchers in arid and semi-arid areas, grow fodder crops under irrigation to reseed bare lands, check on desertification and soil erosion. Crop farmers can practise agroforestry for environmental benefits.
  • Leguminous fodder crops help in nitrogen fixation improving your soil fertility. 
  • You can also practise companion planting using the push and pull method of planting corn and desmodium is an effective organic farming strategy to control weeds.

Samuel K

Samuel Kibicho is an Agribusiness development writer and consultant at Agcenture

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  1. September 11, 2020

    […] Planting edible and fruit trees like Moringa are the most viable in small-scale farming systems. However, you make high profits raising inedible trees.  You will plant them for other uses other than human food. It can be fuel, industrial, ornamental, medicinal or fodder. […]

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