How to Make and Use a Farm Budget

Do you want to know how much money you will make from your farming business? In this post, we give you a simple farm profits calculator using the cost benefit analysis formula or method. You can do it for the entire farming project or a specific crop or livestock.

Agri-COVID Vegetable Gardens for Kids during Lockdown

In a normal school calendar, learners would be in their second week of August holidays. Today, students in Kenya are on their sixth month of zero structured learning. It is a similar scenario in over 100 countries, there are some which have suspended the entire 2020 school calendar to curb COVID-19 Pandemic. These long breaks…

What you need to know about organic Farming

This post addresses what you need to know about organic farming. It includes types, benefits and how you can raise crops and livestock organically in Kenya. Besides, there are tips for high yields for profitable organic farming and for home gardeners who are seeking self-sufficiency.

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