Where can you buy the best poultry chicks in Kenya

Are you looking where to buy quality one day old chicks in Kenya? The following list has the best chicken farms, hatcheries and breeders in Kenya. You can buy young and mature layers, broiler or improved chicken breeds. In addition, we give you a list of the best turkey, duck and other sources of commercial birds.

Most of those chicken farms have an integrated value chain from farm to fork. If you work with them in contract farming, you will have access to quality chicken feed, vaccine programs and enjoy a ready market for your mature chicken and eggs. Because you will follow a strict food traceability program, you will sell your poultry products at higher prices than the ones in the open air and informal markets. Most of them are innovative businesses and you can transact online with them.

Where to buy Layers chicken in Kenya ?

The chicken breeders and/ or processors in Kenya can be classified into large scale, medium scale and small scale. While the article main focus is chicken breeders, other poultry breeders like the ostrich, guinea fowls and duck sellers are listed. The main ones are:

Chicken farm/HatcheryLocationChicken Type
Kenchic LtdNairobiMombasa,
Mtwapa, Kisumu,
Meru, Ruiru, Ikinu, Ruai
Layer & Broilers
Sigma SuppliesKajiado (Isinya)Layer & Broilers
Muguku Poultry FarmKikuyuLayers & Broilers
KenbridNaivashaLayers & Broilers
Brade GateNyeriLayers & Broilers
Western KenyaWebuyeLayers & Broilers
LakechicKisumuLayers & Broiler
Where to buy the best layers chicken in Kenya

Kenchic Ltd.

Kenchic chicken farm logo

Kenchic is the biggest market leader of the poultry industry in East and Central Africa. Apart from Kenya, it runs large breeder farms, hatcheries, broiler farms, processing plants and butcheries in Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia. You should buy and sell chicken products to them for you will have access to high day-old chicks, processed chicken meat and further processed products such as smoked sausages, choma sausages & sausages.

Kenchic is a trusted consumer brand and works with a chain of leading supermarket, hotels, institutions, in-flight catering and quick service restaurant businesses in the region. It means you will always have access to a ready market. Besides, Kenchic, runs a robust farm to fork Programme with its 10,0000 plus contracted farmers. Its processing plants are Halal certified and it adheres to Kenya’s European Union and WHO food standards like the Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000)

Kenchic contacts and agents are widely spread in the region. Looking to buy or collect vaccinated one day old chicks, you can collect them from Ruai, Ikinu, Mtwapa or Ruiru.  To buy quality meat, consider their kenchic butcheries in Chandarana supermarkets or the Buruburu and Hurlingham butcheries.

Sigma Supplies

sigma chicken farm logo

Sigma esd formerly known as Isinya Feeds Ltd. another large fully integrated poultry company. It specializes in supply of day-old chicks, table eggs, animal feed, processed meat and poultry equipment. Their poultry breeds of choice are the Broiler-Cobb 500 and the Layer-Lohmann Tradition.

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Sigma supplies 200,000 one-day-old chicks a week and 100,000 table egg a day. Besides they have a modern chicken slaughterhouse that can handle 1,500 chickens each hour. The company’s Isinya feeds make quality chicken and ruminant’s feed.  

Sigma chicken company banks on technology to scale its operations. Examples of such are use of a mobile app to bring convenience to customers making their orders.  Use of automated German-built cages for commercial layers to ensure that minimal human interaction occurs with eggs in line with hygiene demands. Their feed mill processor is completely automated to ensure there are no errors in the mixing of key ingredients.


The hatchery is located in Naivasha, Nakuru county. It is the third-largest chicken hatchery in Kenya after Kenchic Ltd and Sigma supplies. According to official data by the Ministry of Agriculture. Kenbrid Hatcheries could hatch over 1 million day-old chicks in 2004.

Muguku Poultry farm

Are you located in Kiambu, Kajiado or Nairobi? You can source 1-day old broiler chicks from the Muguku poultry farm located in Kikuyu. Today, the farm can hatch 500,000 chicks a day and also hosts dairy cows as well as an orchard. In the early days, Muguku poultry farm has a contract to supply eggs to President Jomo Kenyatta’s State House.

Brade Gate poultry industries

brade gate chicken farm logo

It is located in Nyeri County in Central Kenya. Brade Gate has a breeding farm, hatchery, supermarket, a processing plant and feed mill. Its supermarket is a one-stop for all poultry products, materials, equipment and information. Brade Gate college is the most authoritative institution on poultry science in East Africa. Its hatchery produces over 160,000 chicks in a week.


Where to buy broiler chicken in Kenya?

The other medium-scale poultry breeders include Muguku Farm, Kenbrid and Brade gate. Their operations are more focused on a regional market.

Chicken Breeder/HatcheryLocationChicken Type
Kim HatcheryNakuru & KiambuBroilers
Bixa Kenya HatcheryKwale NakuruBroilers
A/A AcaciaUasin GishuBroilers
Latifali AmiraliKilifiBroilers
King’ong’o HatcheryNyeriBroilers
Betsy Poultry FarmNairobiBroilers
Where to buy quality broilers in Kenya

Midlands Kenya Chicken

Midlands Kenya chicken is located in Karatina , Nyeri County just below the slopes of Mount Kenya. It specializes in in Kienyeji and Hybrid One Day old chicks (broilers and layers), Poultry farming accessories including cages, automatic drinkers etc.

Kukuchick limited.

It is one of the latest hatcheries in the country only established in 2013. Kukuchick ltd is a breeder and distributor of Rainbow Rooster and Kuroiler (improved kienyeji) birds in East Africa. It has a hatchery capacity of 120,000 chicks per week. It operates in Uasin Gishu  (Eldoret) and Elgeyo Marakwet counties

NextGen Poultry Farm

Nextgen Poultry Solutions offers strong, healthy and vaccinated one day old improved kienyeji chicks of varied breeds. They stock Kuroilers, Rainbow and Kenbro varieties. It is the Kenya’s first organic breeding farm. Besides it runs a poultry research and development centre. NexGen has operations in over 19 counties and is largest producer od country chicken and black meat chicken in Kenya. Apart from chicks they produce keienyeji and brown table eggs.

Where to buy the best Improved Kienyeji chicken in Kenya?

Chicken Breeder/FarmLocation (county)Chicken Type
FirmLocationPoultry Species
KARI-NaivashaNakuruImproved KARI Kienyeji Ecotypes
Yegen farmUasin GishuIndigenous Ecotypes
KukuchicUasin GishuIndigenous Ecotypes
Where to buy best improved Kienyeji chicken

Around 42% of millions of chicken and poultry chicks hatched in Kenya are exported to her neighbors. Kenya’s Chicken breeders and hatcheries sell one day old chicks to Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Rwanda and Congo.

Apart from the largest poultry farms listed above, others operate at a local level. They concentrate on word of mouth and social media marketing like Facebook for sales work. These include the following.

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Where to buy turkey, ducks, Ostrich or guinea fowls in Kenya?

Poultry FarmLocationPoultry Types
GemKilifiBroilers, Guinea fowls, Ostrich
Maasai OstrichKajiadoOstrich
Nyonjoro NightingaleNaivashaTurkeys
Ruaraka Duck farmNaivashaDucks
Turkey, Ducks, Ostrich and guinea fowls farms in Kenya

Nyonjoro Nightingale Farm

It is the largest commercial turkey farm in East Africa. The farm is located in Naivasha. It has a capacity of 30,000-75000 broiler turkey birds per year. The turkey farm supplies most of its meat to farmers choice and Kenchic meat processors. Nyonjoro Nightingale farm slaughters turkeys at 4 kg when they are 4 months old or 11kg when they are 5-8 months old. The farm owns its own hatchery and imports quality breeding stock from the UK.

In the Aberdares farm, turkey birds are free of antibiotics and hormones. You can order turkey breasts, turkey drumsticks, turkey legs, minced or a whole turkey. The prices are from KES 685/kg.

Sigona poultry farm is the other turkey hatchery in the country where you can buy poultry chicks.

Ruaraka Duck Farm

The farm operates in Naivasha and is the only duck hatchery in Kenya. It slaughters and dresses Pekin ducks in their farms. Packing and further processing are done in Nairobi by other meat processors. Apart from the Ruaraka Duck Farm, the Olerai duck farm is the other commercial duck farm. Its also located in Naivasha.

Gem mixed-species Hatchery

Gem specializes in hatching guinea fowls, quails and ducks, ostrich and broiler chicken. It is located in Kilifi to the North coast of Mombasa. It rears birds for 6-8 weeks depending on the type of order needed. Medium Scale Poultry Breeders in Kenya

How to select the best quality chicken for your farm

This article lists over 25 best poultry farms in Kenya. You can order layers, broilers or improved Kienyeji chicken from them. Others specialize in mixed-species birds or single birds like Ostrich, ducks, quails, turkey and guinea fowls.  To order quality chicks consider the following factors.

  • Buy chicks from a Kenya veterinary services accredited hatchery.
  • Order 1-day-old chicks that are vaccinated against common poultry diseases.
  • Work with a poultry farm with an integrated value chain system where you can benefit from contracted farming, chicken cages, chicken feed and incubators.

Agcenture has done an extensive research to gather this information for you, exclusion or inclusion of any poultry farm in this list is not a portray of bias or endorsement.

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