Best Food Delivery Apps in 2021

Have you embraced e-commerce in your food shopping and selling?  Technology has many benefits for food growers, sellers and buyers. A hotel, you can make higher profits by having an e-commerce site or a free food delivery apps where people can view, compare and order food and drinks. Consumers can buy quality food they can trace from farm to folk for good health.

But which are the free or best food delivery apps you can download and use today? In this post, you will learn the benefits of using a food app like Uber eats and Glovo. Besides, it gives you a list of the 8 best local and international mobile apps available for use in Kenya.

Best Food Delivery Apps In Kenya

What is the best food delivery app to order food and drinks online? The following is a list of free apps you can download and use in Kenya. They are –

  • Uber eats.
  • Glovo
  • Jumia food
  • Grocery pik
  • Bolt food
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • KFC Delivery
  • Yum food.

 Uber Eats (iOS/Android)

Uber eats food delivery apps cover art

Uber eats is one of the most trusted and established food delivery apps in the world. Its most popular foods ordered in Kenya are chicken, Chinese and pizza. You can order from international and local restaurants near you. It will charge you a delivery fee based on your distance from the hotel. You can pay via Mpesa or debit card.

Coupon: use the code eats-2jn659qtsr to get up to Ksh 500 ($5) off. when you download the app.

Glovo (android)

glovo food delivery apps cover art

The on-demand courier service will purchase, picks up, and deliver food, groceries drinks and pharmaceutical products that you order through their lifestyle mobile app. It is branded as more than a food delivery app given its variety and convenience. Glovo is one of the most downloaded apps in the world.

Glovo is already present in over 26 countries and 200 cities, making life easier and better for millions of people around the world

Jumia Food (android)

Jumia food delovery app Cover art

Jumia food offers you quality menus from over 181 best restaurants in Nairobi, Mombasa Eldoret, Kisumu, Nakuru, Kajiado and Kiambu. You can order from leading brands like Steers, KFC, Debonairs Pizza, Artcafe, Java House, and Clay Oven among others.  Jumia food offers continental, African Asia and halal foods. In addition, it has special orders for vegetarians, breakfast and other supermarket, groceries and over the counter medications. It currently has a rating of 4 among its users. You can also order meals for friends and loved ones and pay online via the app as a gesture of your love and friendship.

Grocery Pik (android)

grocery pick (chandarana food plus) app Cover art

Grocery pik will deliver your grocery orders from the Chandarana food plus supermarkets. Shop for thousands of products from your nearby stores like grocery, meat, household items, personal care items etc. To use the app, – Enter your location, Select a store nearest to your home or office. Add items to cart, select delivery date and time. Place your Order and Get Delivery right at your doorstep. At chandarana, you can enjoy special discounts like the buy one gets one free discount.

Bolt Food (Android)

bolt food app Cover art

Works similar to the uber eats food grocery. It is rated as one of the apps with the best user experience. It is among the latest to launch in the food delivery in the market. To make an order, Set your delivery address. Pick a restaurant and choose your meal. Tap to order and pay. Track your order and watch the courier arrive. Enjoy the yumminess delivered straight to your doorstep.

KFC Delivery (android)

kfc delivery food app Cover art

Do you love the KFC original chicken recipe? You can now place an online order via the KFC delivery app. It is available to order from KFCs, chicken restaurants in Nairobi, Nakuru Kisumu and Eldoret if you are in Kenya. Besides, if you can get use it Uganda (Kampala and Entebbe), Tanzania (Dar es Salaam), Ivory Coast (Abidjan) and Ghana (Accra, Tema).  The KFC delivery is run by the Jumia foods.

Yum Food (android)

yum food app Cover art

Yum is a homegrown food delivery app in the country. It is run by the well established yum food deliveries operating in Nairobi and Kampala. You can order food from over 250 restaurants. It accepts payments via credit card and cash. Yum prides itself on efficiency, variety and customer service.

Yum has a loyalty rewards plan. They will give you a KES 200 ($2) credit. When you make 5 order deliveries.

Dominos’ Pizza (android)

dominos food app

Is dominos’ pizza your favorite? You can place a direct order on their android mobile app. They will also offer chicken wings and other foodstuffs. Their orders take around 30 minutes.

Other places you can buy food online in Kenya are the Galitos website, the good food company, mama meals on wheels.

Benefits for Using Food Delivery Apps

You will enjoy the following benefits for using a food app as a hotel, rider or a buyer.

Consumer benefits: If you download and use mobile applications to order food, you will benefit in; –

  • Save and make money: by getting discounts, free deliveries and coupons when you use and refer friends to try the app. Learn more.
  • Convenience shopping: order from your couch as you work from home or office, you will get front door deliveries saving you and loved ones from exposure to health hazard like Coronavirus infection.
  • Quality food: eat food you can trace its flow in the value chain from farm to fork. Order more from restaurants that source locally to grow our local economy and benefit small scale farmers in Kenya.
  • Variety: order Chinese, Swahili, Italian and other variety of dishes and drinks from various hotels and coffee shops in your city

Hotel benefits: as a food and drinks supplier, register your hotel with a food delivery app to benefit in the following ways.

  • Going digital and tapping the mobile-first trends is a necessary smart business strategy to survive, thrive and make high profits during the COVID-19 pandemic and other economic challenges.
  • Make more money by selling to more customers than walk-in buyers near your business premises.
  • Cheaper to expand your sales and marketing by registering in a well-known food app like uber eats than investing heavily on design, developing, hosting and managing your custom-made e-commerce site or mobile app.
  • Gives you an opportunity to gather and use data and insights on demand and requests to introduce new menu items or drop unpopular dishes.

Rider benefits: Make extra cash as a tuk-tuk, motorbike or motorist by transporting orders. You can make more profits compared to depending on low taxi rides.

To choose the best food delivery app for use, check into user reviews and ratings to avoid one with delivery and packaging issues.

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