Which is the Best Avocado Variety in Kenya

Are you considering to grow avocado fruits for sale. The variety of avocad tree you plant will have a direct effect on your yields and profits. But which is the best one for your farm? This guide will highlight all the available avocado types in Kenya for you to choose.

There are over 40 avocado cultivars grown in Kenya. The key varieties that are farmed for commercial purposes are the Hass (export market) and Fuerte (processing). Others are Keitt, Reed, Booth 8, Simmonds, Pinkerton, Nabal, Puebla, Tonnage, Ettinger, Hayes, G6 and G7. The following section covers the key features of the most common varieties that you can consider for middle and largescale commercial farming.


Hass avocados are oval-shaped fruit with small to medium seed.

  • Its skin that turns from green to purplish-black when fruits are mature
  • Easy peeling
  • Great taste
  • Outstanding shelf-life and shipping characteristics making it best for export farming.
  • One of the longest harvesting seasons
  • The tree grows tall and requires cutting back (pruning)


Fuerte Fruits are Pear-shaped with a medium seed

  • Weight: 140 – 395 g per fruit
  • Smooth thin green skin
  • Skin remains green when fruits are mature
  • Creamy, pale green flesh
  • The tree is broad, very productive and susceptible to both Anthracnose and Scab


The Pinkerton avocado has Long, pear-shaped fruit with a small seed

  • Large fruit that weighs 225 – 510 g per fruit
  • Medium thick green skin with slight pebbling
  • Green skin deepens in color as it ripens
  • Excellent peeling
  • Creamy, pale green flesh


Puebla avocado has Small compact fruits. It resembles the “Hass” Variety.

  • Skin of ripe fruit is black, thin and smooth
  • Fruit has a velvety flesh with nutty aroma and a rich butter taste


The Reed cultivar bears round fruits with medium seed.

  • Medium to large fruits with the weight of 225 – 510 g per fruit
  • Thick green skin with slight pebbling
  • Skin remains green when fruits are mature
  • Easy peeling
  • Creamy flesh with good taste

Where to grow Avacodo

The avocado trees preforms best under the following agroecological conditions altitude, rainfall, growing temperatures and soil requirements.

  • Altitude of 1,200 – 2,200 metres above sea level
  • 1,200 – 2,200 metres above sea level Soil Characteristics
  • A temperature of 25 – 30 °C
  • Deep fertile and well aerated soils (sandy, alluvuial loam)
  • A soil pH value of 5-7.

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