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A photo of green, savoy and red cabbage types 3

Which are the best types of cabbages in Kenya

Are you looking for the best cabbage variety in Kenya? In this post, we give you a comparison of various cabbage varieties available from seed companies operating in Kenya. Hybrid or the F1 cabbage are...

young sprouts/seedlings on seeding tray 1

Where to buy good quality planting seeds in Kenya

Technological advancements have completely changed all aspects of our life. One area of the farming operations that has fast transformed is the way of sourcing farm inputs like seeds, pesticides and tools. As a smart...


Agribyte: How Mbegu Choice App works

Learn how the Mbeguchoice an online seed selection platform in Kenya works and its Benefits for different users like farmers, agro-dealers and extension officers.


How to select good planting seeds for your farm

Learn factors to consider while selecting good, quality certified seed and settle on the best variety to plant in your farm. consider yield maturity, hybrid seeds, resistance, price, company reputation among other factors.