How to use the Mbegu Choice platform for best seeds

Are you a farmer or a seed trader seeking to get highest crop yields or sale profits? Using the latest inventions can help you solve this by choosing the best seeds. Since you reap what you sow, planting or stocking quality seeds guarantee superior yield and income. If you are in Kenya or Uganda use the Mbegu choice Platform. It is an online, free seed selection or a seed bank access tool. you can use it on the website or a mobile application.

Many farmers lack access to timely and accurate information on farm inputs such as seeds or fertilizers. Majority end up planting uncertified, counterfeit or recycled seeds that give very poor yields each season.

Mbegu choice seeks to solve this informational gap for various users. It is a must tool for farmers, agro-vet shops and agriculture extension officers. It will help you to generate a list of the approved and suitable seed varieties for your farm given its location.  

How the Mbegu choice works.

Mbegu Choice platform is a seed bank access assistance tool. It is offered in English and Swahili languages. As a user, these are the 6 steps to use it this is how to use it,

  1. Choose your language on the website or the mobile application.
  2. Type in your county name.
  3. Select your ecological zone from a drop-down menu to show the location of your farm. The system currently lists five zones; coastal or dryland, dry land to mid-altitude transitional, mid-altitude, mid-altitude to high land transnational and the highland zone.
  4. Choose the crop type you are looking for. The current seed database has over 200 seed crop varieties that grow in Kenya.
  5. Filter results, The platform will display a list of the most suitable seed variety for the chosen area.  You can further filter the given varieties output using 3 additional criteria. maturity, features or planting season.
  6. Download the results on a PDF file.

What seed varieties does mbegu choice show?

The current seed database has over 200 seed crop varieties that grow in Kenya. These are 61 varieties of maize seed and 25 seed varieties of the common bean. Others are 11 cassava varieties, 13 Irish potatoes seed varieties, and 12 types of sorghum grown in Kenya. Other seed types on the seed platform are Rice, and finger millet.

Which criteria do you use for best seed choice?

Currently, Mbegu choice gives you three criteria to choose the best seed. They are:

  • Crop maturity period; choose among the extra early (fast-maturing), early, medium or late varieties
  • Crop Features; Select the best seeds that are drought, disease or pest tolerant.
  • Planting season, you choose a variety preferred for short rains or long rains seasons or one suitable for both. The user will then
mbeguchoice webssite

Why use the Mbegu choice for seed selection?

Mbegu choice have many benefits to its users whether a farmer, seed supplier or an extension officer. Since it gives you detailed information about seeds like the year it was commercialized, the seed company supplying it among other useful information. These are reasons you need it this planting season.

Farmer Benefits

As a grower using this online or mobile app you are likely to improve your yields and income. other benefits farmers have reported include,

  • Getting to plant the best seed varieties that are most suitable for your region’s soil and weather.
  • Lower the cost of crop disease and pest control by growing a seed variety that has disease or pest tolerance qualities. Power to compare and choose the best seed company which breeds the best seeds and prices.

Seed Traders’ Benefits

As a seed trader or an agro-dealer, you will get higher sales profits by using the mbegu choice mobile app. Wondering how that is possible?

  • Reduce or eliminate dead stock; using Mbegu choice you will only order, buy and stock the seeds that are best suited to your region of operation.
  • Inventory and cash flow benefits; suitable seeds are bought faster giving you more revenue and release cash tied in inventory.
  • Superior seeds. You can also use the app to stock the newly-released or improved seeds against climate change, diseases and pests making your customers repeat happy partners
  • Smooth and efficient operations Since the app gives you which seed companies supply a given variety, it is easy to make contact, making your sourcing efficient and smooth.  

Extension officer and consultant benefits

Similarly, extension officers and agri-consultants using modern farming technology like mbegu choice can posses the latest information to advise their farmer and stockiest clients . You can guide them on the best-certified seed varieties that are available in their region. Besides, you will know the seed attributes that farmers should seek like maize seed that is resistant to the MNLD disease. In the case of drought or poor rainfall, you will know the fast-growing seeds that farmers can buy

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Mbegu choice was developed by Agri Experience in partnership with the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO), the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS) and Kenyan crop seed companies, with support from Kenya Markets Trust. Currently, the invention is championed by the seed traders association of Kenya (STAK)

The database is available on a website and an android mobile application.
watch how mbegu choice works
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