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Can you make money in agriculture? Or wondering which are the best agriculture business ideas for he ideas are for youth, women or Kenyans in diaspora?
.This category has the best agribusiness ideas in Kenya. you can invest in commercial or profitable farming (kilimo biashara), food processing and value addition, food preservation and distribution.

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Is Grain Business profitable in Kenya?

Food traders are the most essential service providers in the world. They provide food and nutritional security for millions of people by linking farmers to consumers. In Kenya, they buy, store, dry, re-bag and distribute...

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Best agribusiness ideas for Kenyans in diaspora

Around 4 million Kenyans work and study in the diaspora. Some of them can be successful investors in the food and agriculture industry back at home. But which are the best ideas they can invest...

Healthy dairy cattle near clean water and abundant grass

Tips for successful dairy farming in Kenya

Kenya has the highest per capita production and consumption for milk in the region. It makes dairy farming one of the most successful business ideas if you are a starter or practicing cattle farming. However,...


Best AfCFTA Agribusiness Ideas in Africa-2021

The AfCFTA agreement creates a common market for 1.2 billion people across 55 member states. This new market opens up many agribusiness ideas for Youth in the region. This list explores the best you can invest in today.


The Best agribusiness ideas for women entrepreneurs

Are you a young woman entrepreneur looking for the best agribusiness idea?  Unlike men, ladies in most African societies lack equal access to these opportunities. They do not have rights to own and control resources...

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How to make more profits in chicken farming

Are you in profitable commercial chicken farming.? This post will explore the best tips for you to make more farm profits? They include free-range feeding, value addition and selling by-products like chicken manure. Poultry farming...


Which are the Most profitable trees to grow

 “It’s the little things citizens do. That’s what will make the difference. My little thing is planting trees.” — Wangari Maathai. Did you know commercial trees planting is a viable agribusiness idea in Kenya? In...