Which are the best Business Associations in Kenya

Where would you lodge product complain such as expired seeds or animal feed? While the specific supplier is a great choice, one of the national agriculture associations is more effective. These umbrella bodies present a single voice of their members’ collective benefits and the improvement of the sector’s business and legal climate.

There are over 400 agriculture societies or forums in Kenya.  In this list, we give a list of the 12 best that have a nationwide reach that you should know and follow. They represent various market players, including; input providers, seed traders, farmers and Processors,  among other actors.

Agriculture Sector Network (ASNET)

ASNET brings together the public and private sector players, NGOs, academia and media in Kenya’s agriculture sector. Launched in 2020, the agency seeks to spark and shape agrarian revolution for the next ten years. It aims to glamorize it as the most desired investment sector by 2030.   To do this, it will coordinate and engage various players in tackling the sector’s key constraints such as poor access to credit, climate change and lack of markets.

Kenya National Farmers’ Federation (KENAFF)

KENAFF represents over 2 million farming households.  It draws members from crops, livestock, fisheries and forestry value chains. You can join it either as a farmers’ group, a cooperative society or a large-scale farmer. It has branches at the ward, county, national, regional and global levels. Visit Website

Kenya Agribusiness and Agroindustry Alliance (KAAA)

KAAA is championing for better agribusiness policies in Kenya. It represents farmer associations, cooperatives, and trade groups in commercial farming ventures.  Its focus value chains are dairy farming, livestock, horticulture, grain and cereals and cotton. Visit Website

Women Farmers Association of Kenya (WoFaAK) 

It is the national umbrella body of women farmers in Kenya.  It provides them with a forum to articulate and address the issues affecting their farming businesses. Its goal is to help these farmers to run profitable and sustainable farms. Given many women and youth are excluded from the sector, this forum is a beneficial association. Visit Website

Agrochemicals Association of Kenya (AAK) 

Also, Crop Life Kenya. It is an affiliate of the Crop Life international.

AAK is the umbrella body for manufacturers, importers, formulators, distributors and users of pesticides in the country. It trains farmers and agro-dealers on the right product handling procedures to enhance food safety. It also spearheads in the disposal of obsolete chemicals and their containers. Besides, it promotes other safer pest control methods like IPM.  Visit Website.

Association of Kenya Feed Manufacturers (Akefema)

AKEFEMA represents registered members of the livestock feedstuff industry. They include the feed millers and suppliers of their raw materials like feed supplements.  It aims to promote an improvement of animal feed products, manufacturing standards and quality service delivery among their members. Visit Website

Seed Trade Association of Kenya (STAK)

STAK represents seed companies and traders in the public and private sectors. It pushes for an enabling environment for the seed sector for improved food security. STAK runs Mbegu choice, an online seed selection database for farmers to choose the crop varieties, suitable for their zone. See Facebook Profile

Kenya Plantations and Agricultural Workers Union (KPAWU-COTU)

KPAWU represents over 150,000 farm workers in flower, vegetable and tea farm plantations. It negotiates for better working conditions such as wages, work rules and workplace safety rules. At high-level engagements, it works with farmers associations like the KTGA and FPEAK. KPAWU is under the Central Organization of Trade Unions in Kenya (COTU-K).

Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) 

KEPSA is the apex and umbrella body of all players in the private sector. It engages and influences the public policy for an enabling business environment for all. The KEPSA Agriculture Sector Board works closely with government institutions like AFA, KEVEVAPI and KEPHIS to develop suitable laws. Recently KEPSA has led to the birth of Agriculture Sector Network (ASNET.) Visit Website

Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) 

It is the common-interest group for all employers. It promotes sound industrial relations, fair labour practices, and good management practices for its members. Besides, it builds sustainable institutional capacity and competence among them. The FKE’s Rural Employer Committee caters for the agricultural and plantation employers. Visit Website

Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) 

KAM represents all the manufacturing and value-add firms in Kenya. Some of them provide farm inputs or offtake farm produce as their raw materials. They include bakers and millers, dairy processors and meat preservers. Others deal in fresh flowers, alcoholic beverages and spirits. Others deal in tobacco and Cocoa and Chocolate. Makers of leather and footwear are also in this category, same as firms in textiles and apparel, paper and board, timber, wood and furniture. Visit Website

Consumers Federation of Kenya (Cofek)

COFEK is the apex body of all consumers both institutional and individuals committed to defend, promote, develop and pursue consumer rights. The association’s objectives are protection, education, research, consultancy, litigation, anti-counterfeits campaign and business rating on consumerism and customer-care issues. To ensure you get the right price and quality of goods and services you buy, follow them. Visit Website

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