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How to grow potatoes for KFC

Recently, KFC, a multinational high end hotel franchise in Kenya promised to source potatoes from the domestic market. It was after a fierce online battle with Kenyans on twitter, (KOT) after the firm revealed it...

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Why Climate-smart Agriculture?

Climate change is the worst risk to modern agriculture. Droughts, floods and erratic weather patterns have become more severe and frequent in the recent past. It impacts the food security, jobs and incomes of millions...

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How to keep your chicks warm without electricity

Which are the alternative heat sources to keep your chicks warm during a blackout or power outage? A slight interruption in power can cause you unrecoverable farm losses if you are in commercial chicken farming....

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Best Agritourist sites in Kenya

Are you a travel enthusiast looking for memorable farm and factory tours? In this article, we give you the best agritourist destinations you can visit in Kenya.

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Agrinews 254: Top Agribusiness News this Week

What happened in the agriculture and food industry in Kenya, Africa and the world last week? This blog post will highlight the top and agribusiness news and headlines . In April week of 4th to...

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Where to buy fertilizers in Kenya

Are you looking to buy the best planting, foliar feed or topdressing fertilizers for your crops this season? In Kenya, many suppliers selling both organic and inorganic types. In this blog post, we will list...

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Tips for profitable maize farming in Kenya

This article explores the challenges maize farming in Kenya farmers must overcome to make profits. It gives some solutions to mitigate the worst risks at the end of this post. An example is soil testing...