Best farmer associations to join in Kenya

Kenya has robust farmer associations from grassroots to national levels. Locally, they have village self-help or farmer groups. They use them to bargain for better prices and terms with suppliers and buyers.

At higher levels, they join cooperatives or associations. It helps them in representation, lobbying and self-regulation. Besides, they are crucial in engagement with authorities and NGOs.

The associations are very diverse. There are umbrella bodies like the KEPSA and KENAFF. Besides, there are other national associations for given value chains. These help to improve farmer yields and marketing. The following is a list of 34 of them based on the crop or animal they produce.

  • Agroforestry Association of Kenya (AAK)
  • Aquaculture Association of Kenya (AAK)
  • Avocado Growers Association of Kenya (AGAK)
  • Banana Growers Association of Kenya (BGAK)
  • Barley Growers Association of Kenya (BGAK)
  • Cereal Growers Association (CGA)
  • Dairy Goats Association of Kenya (DGAK)
  • Dairy Traders Association
  • East Africa Grain Council (EAGC)
  • East African Farmers Federation
  • Farm Forestry Smallholder Producers Association of Kenya (FF SPAK)
  • Fish Processors and Exporters Association of Kenya (FiPEAK or AFIPEK)
  • Fruit Tree Nursery Operators Association of Kenya (FTNOAK)
  • Kenya Coffee Producers Association (KCPA)
  • Kenya Cotton Growers Association (KCGA)
  • Kenya Livestock Marketing Council (KLMC)
  • Kenya Livestock Producers Association (KLPA)
  • Kenya Mango Producers & Marketing Association (KEMPMA)
  • Kenya Millet & Sorghum Growers Association (KEMSGA)
  • Kenya Mushroom Growers Association (KEMGA)
  • Kenya National Fisherfolk Association (KENAFA)
  • Kenya National Pig Farmers Association (KENPIFA)
  • Kenya National Potato Farmers Association (KENAPOFA)
  • Kenya Poultry Farmers Associations (KEPOFA)
  • Macadamia Farmers Association of Kenya (MFAK)
  • National Alliance of Community Forest Association (NACOFA)
  • National Potato Council of Kenya (NPC)
  • Pyrethrum Growers Association of Kenya (PGAK)
  • Rice Growers Association of Kenya (RGAK)
  • Seed Savers Network (SSN)
  • Tea Producers Association of Kenya (TPAK)
  • The Kenya Camel Association (KCA)
  • Tree Farmers Association of Kenya (TFAK)

The benefits of joining an association are beyond commercial farming. You can gain socially and financially. You will enjoy table banking and financial literacy lessons from bankers and NGOs. Socially, the members can share in similar religious and cultural activities.

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