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Profitable farming ideas in Kenya

Commercial farmers like to invest in the best crop or livestock value chain in your area. If you focus on it, you will make the least efforts to grow it to get the highest yields and income. But, which is the most profitable crops to grow in Kenya? In this article, we give you a list of the most viable crops and livestock to raise in each of the Kenya’s 47 counties.

But how do you choose the value chain which is most suitable for your area? It is a complex activity for you will have to consider your county’s climate and soils, infrastructure and markets for your products. Those factors can give you an upper hand over farmers in other regions.

The most profitable Value chains in Kenya

In this post, you will get a list of the most profitable livestock and crop value chains for your county.  The Agricultural Sector Transformation and Growth Strategy (ASTGS) 2019-2029, has over 40 key value chains or foods that grow in Kenya. The report gave a priority of 3 to 8 best crops or livestock for each county.

Most profitable value chains in Kenya; Source ASTGS

They will be areas where the local governments and development partners will invest in heavily for their growth. If you are growing them, you will enjoy subsidies and cheaper inputs and advisory services as you get marketing support. The best ideas are horticulture, poultry and maize farming. In other areas,   dairy, beef and potatoes do well in other counties. We will briefly highlight them.

Northern Region Economic Block (NOREB)

Profitable agriculture value chains in North Rift counties
Profitable agriculture value chains in North Rift counties

The profitable crops for small farms in the North rift region are horticulture, potatoes and maize. For herders, poultry, dairy beef cattle and goats will receive most support in the area.

Rice is a priority crop in Trans Nzoia, Turkana and West Pokot counties. Fish farming in Turkana and Nandi is likely to grow. If you are in Baringo, Samburu or West Pokot, make beekeeping a priority. Turkana has sorghum as the crop for its semi-arid areas. In Uasin Gishu County, you can diversify your farm income by introducing passion fruit farming if, you are a dominant maize farmer.

Lakes Region Economic Block (LREB)

Best crops and livestock to raise in western counties of Kenya
Best crops and livestock to raise in western counties of Kenya

These counties are in the Nyanza and western region around Lake Victoria. The area receives high rainfall that supports raising a variety of food and cash crops. In the ASTGS, the most viable value chains across the region are chicken farming and horticulture.

Fish farming is a priority in Homa Bay, Busia, Kericho, Kisii, Kisumu, Busia and Siaya counties. Banana farming tops in Vihiga, Nyamira and Kisii. Other value chains for you if you own land in the area are dairy, beef, mango, sweet and Irish potatoes or passion fruits as shown.

Mt. Kenya And Aberdares Economic Block

Best crops or livestock to grow around Mt Kenya region.
Best crops or livestock to grow around Mt Kenya region.

The region is a highly productive area in the central Kenya highlands. It’s known for high production of milk, fruits, vegetable gardening in Kenya. Besides they lead in cash crop growing for export such as tea, pyrethrum and coffee.

 In the report potato, dairy, poultry and horticulture farming are the most significant for the region. As a farmer in Embu, Kiambu Kirinyaga, Murang’a or Tharaka Nithi consider planting bananas. Maize farming does well in Laikipia, Nakuru and Meru. other unique ideas for the region are snow peas (Muranga), Fish farming (Nyandarua) and pyrethrum (Nakuru), rice (Kirinyaga)

Frontier Counties Development Council (FCDC)

Profitable agriculture value chains in North Eastern Counties
Profitable agriculture value chains in North Eastern Counties

These counties are in the arid or semi-arid region of the country. They are famous for beef and camel farming. Of late, there are many ongoing plans to introduce irrigation.

Horticulture, beef and camel milk are the focus value chains for the region. Fish farming and goat keeping can perform well in Mandera and Marsabit. Wajir residents can keep chicken and grow watermelons for sale. Those in Marsabit can raise kales while Garissa, Isiolo and Mandera farmers can irrigate their farms to grow tomatoes.

South-East Kenya Economic Block (SEKEB)

Best Crops to grow in Kitui, Machakos or Makueni
Best Crops to grow in Kitui, Machakos or Makueni

The three counties of Kitui, Machakos and Makueni are famous for growing cowpeas and green grams. Farmers in the region can keep focusing on them according to the ASTGS. Besides, vegetable, fruit and poultry farming is a priority. If you are in Machakos and Makueni, you can plant mango trees while sorghum is a priority in Kitui. In some areas of Machakos, dairy farming is the key.

Jumuiya ya Kaunti za Pwani (JKP)

Best crops and livestock to raise in Coastal counties of Kenya
Most Profitable crops and livestock to grow in in Kenya coastal counties

Looking for the best crops to grow in Malindi, Lamu and Kwale? The coastal region is one has some of the most diverse agro-ecologic zones. Farmers can invest in horticulture, poultry and fish as the most profitable according to the ASTGS.

In Taita Taveta and Tana River counties, practice beef farming. Chilli farming can favour you if you farm in Kilifi or Kwale. Other priority crops in the region given you county are Cassava and cashew nuts. In Mombasa, county and the second-largest city, palm oil, rice and vegetables are the most profitable.

Other counties

Most profitable livestock and crops in Nairobi, Kajiado and Narok
Most Profitable crops and livestock to grow in Nairobi, Kajiado and Narok Counties

Nairobi, Kajiado and Narok counties are not part of any economic block. The area has similar weather patterns. Except for the capital city, we know the other two counties for beef, and corn growing.

In the ASTGS, the region proposes to support dairy and beef. Maize farming does well in Narok and Nairobi. Other ideas you can consider are Kales, poultry, tomato and poultry.


The article has given you the most profitable crops or livestock grown per county. As a farmer, use your agro-ecological zone to choose the right value chain. You can use the KAOP an innovative mobile weather App for farmers by the KALRO. It predicts each of Kenya’s ward weather accurately.

ASTGS has the latest value-chain competitiveness listing for Kenya’s agriculture. It will help business people in the farming and food industry to do the following.

  • Target farmers with relevant farm inputs such as animal feed in counties which raise dairy or beef cattle.
  • Buy cheap farm products from areas with the highest yields such as cowpeas from Kitui and sell them profitably in a market where it does not do well like Nyeri.
  • Counties and regional economic blocks can use the information to determine their competitive advantage to speed up their economic growth and development process.

Samuel S.K.

S.K is the founder and senior agribusiness development consultant at Agcenture. He can be reached at

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