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How to double your profits in Beef farming

Are you a herder or rancher looking to increase your cattle farm profits? You can double your earnings through finishing and fattening of beef cattle.

Healthy dairy cattle near clean water and abundant grass

Tips for successful dairy farming in Kenya

Kenya has the highest per capita production and consumption for milk in the region. It makes dairy farming one of the most successful business ideas if you are a starter or practicing cattle farming. However,...

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The best crop or livestock to grow in your county?

Which is the best crop or livestock to grow in every Kenya’s county? The article lists the most viable value chain in every region. Horticulture, dairy, poultry


Cheapest milk coolers and chillers for your farm

Do you rear cattle, goats or camels for milk? The article has different cheap milk coolers fit for you. You will add farm profits and cut food wastage

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The most Nutritious fodder crops you should grow

A list of the most nutritious grass and legume fodder crops you should grow and feed your livestock for highest milk and meat yields. They include Lucerne, corn


9 Reasons why quality pesticides are not working on your farm

Crop protection is necessary to get quality yields. Farmers use different means of pest control, including applying pesticides, integrated pest management (IPM) practises and biological pest control products to destroy pests. Pesticide use is one...