Farming in Kenya

Potato varieties 3

Which are the best potato varieties in Kenya?

Did you know that Kenya has 56 registered potato varieties by the KEPHIS? But which is the best variety for making crisps, chips, or mashing? More interestingly, which one would make you the highest profits...

A cabbage farm in rural Kenya 7

How much money do cabbage farmers make in Kenya?

Are you wondering how profitable is cabbage farming in Kenya. In this article, we analyze the costs and returns for growing the Pruktor F1 Cabbage variety. The analysis has details for an acre and 5...

Growing spinach in Kenya 4

How profitable is spinach farming in Kenya?

In this profit analysis, we determine the expected income for spinach farming in in Kenya. We use the gross margin analysis method to average get total revenues from an average price per Kilogram and total...