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What you need to know about fertilizers

Fertilizers can improve your crop’s yield and farm profits. In Kenya, there are over 40 brands and blends approved for use. The most popular are chemical, organic and foliar feed fertilizers. But what is the...


Agribyte: How Mbegu Choice App works

Learn how the Mbeguchoice an online seed selection platform in Kenya works and its Benefits for different users like farmers, agro-dealers and extension officers.


9 Reasons why quality pesticides are not working on your farm

Crop protection is necessary to get quality yields. Farmers use different means of pest control, including applying pesticides, integrated pest management (IPM) practises and biological pest control products to destroy pests. Pesticide use is one...


How to select good planting seeds for your farm

Learn factors to consider while selecting good, quality certified seed and settle on the best variety to plant in your farm. consider yield maturity, hybrid seeds, resistance, price, company reputation among other factors.


Best business ideas in pest control

Destructive crop and animal pests destroy huge quantities of yields each year.  Sometimes, they can cause post-harvest food waste and food insecurity for millions of small farms around the world. Rural farmers are the most...