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A collection of news on the latest innovations and technology in farming like the use of mobile apps, drones and clean energy like solar power to improve farming, food processing and distribution for efficient and profitable agribusinesses.

sources of farmers information 1

Best sources of farming information in Kenya

Are you looking to build your agriculture knowledge to run a professional farm? In this post, we give you a list of the best farming information sources. The best are YouTube videos, Pdf documents and...

Kikuyu New Market 1

Smart food markets for the future

When you hear about an open-air food market, you think of a dirty and congested place.  However, the latest trends in this sector are making of ultra-modern facilities. An example is the Kikuyu market or...


7 Awesome Agritech Solutions from Israel

Learn 7 agritech awesome innovations from Israel They are drip irrigation, water recycling, use of biopesticides and bio fertilizers. other focus on smart farming technologies that uses IoT and AI these are use of data analytics, robotics and sensors in farms.


Agribyte: Agri-wallet, A money mobile app for Farmers in Kenya

Agri-wallet is an innovative fintech solution for farmers in Kenya. It uses blockchain technology and provides a business account for farmers, buyers and suppliers. They can use these to save, buy, earn or pay for farm inputs or farm commodities

KAOP mobile app 5

Agribyte: KAOP, the free KALRO Weather app

KAOP is a free weather forecasting app by KALRO.
It predicts rainfall, temperature and wind patterns for any location in Kenya. Besides it has quality agronomic advise for crop and livestock farmers.


Agribyte: How Mbegu Choice App works

Learn how the Mbeguchoice an online seed selection platform in Kenya works and its Benefits for different users like farmers, agro-dealers and extension officers.

Pumping water using a motorcycle water pump 6

Agribyte: Motorbike water pumps for cheap irrigation

Use your motorbike to pump water efficiently and cheaply. This smart innovation from Kenya is cheaper to buy and use than the traditional diesel and petrol pumps. Besides a boda boda, you can attach the motorcycle powered water pump to tuk-tuk or a micro cultivator.

Solar Powered milk chiller mounted on motorbike 5

Agribyte: A solar-powered motorcycle milk chiller

Milk farmers and dairy cooperatives can now reduce milk losses while on transit. The mobile solar-powered milk chiller is mounted on a motorbike. It will help you in quality control, traceability, and better profits.