The Impact of Big Data in Agricultural Decision-Making Processes

Are you wondering why you need to use Big Data on your farm or agriculture business? In the age of technological advancement, the agricultural sector is undergoing a transformative revolution driven by the integration of big data. Big data, with its ability to process vast amounts of information, analyze patterns, and generate actionable insights, is…

What You Need to Know About GMO Food

Do you fear GMO food? Whether you’re pro or anti-genetically modified organisms (GMOs) crops, there are many unknowns about this biotechnology innovation. Farming and trade of GMO crops and products will increase the food supply for human and livestock consumption in Kenya. It will do this by solving major challenges facing agriculture in Kenya such…

Agribyte: How Ardhisasa land system works

Farmers in Kenya can now easily search, buy, lease and sell a piece of land on a real-time basis. It’s after the launch of the ardhisasa, a national land information management system (NLIMS). The paperless system aim is to enhance efficiency and reduce transaction time and “facilitation fees” to middlemen in land transactions. A pilot…

Best Food Delivery Apps in 2021

In this post, you will learn the benefits of using a food app like Uber eats and Glovo. Besides, it gives you a list of the 8 best local and international mobile apps available for use in Kenya.

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