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This collection features use of mobile applications in agritech, fintech and farm management. Use of mobile apps can promote farmier’s efficiency in record keeping, money management and improving crop and livestock yields. tech innovations. #futurefarming #agrifinancing


Best Food Delivery Apps in 2021

In this post, you will learn the benefits of using a food app like Uber eats and Glovo. Besides, it gives you a list of the 8 best local and international mobile apps available for use in Kenya.

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Best sources of farming information in Kenya

Are you looking to build your agriculture knowledge to run a professional farm? In this post, we give you a list of the best farming information sources. The best are YouTube videos, Pdf documents and...


Free Agriculture Apps for maize farmers in Kenya

Learn the best mobile apps that each maize grower should install and use. You can use them to select the best seed varieties, manage corn pests and diseases using the best agronomic practices.

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Agribyte: KAOP, the free KALRO Weather app

KAOP is a free weather forecasting app by KALRO.
It predicts rainfall, temperature and wind patterns for any location in Kenya. Besides it has quality agronomic advise for crop and livestock farmers.


Agribyte: How Mbegu Choice App works

Learn how the Mbeguchoice an online seed selection platform in Kenya works and its Benefits for different users like farmers, agro-dealers and extension officers.