How to Keep Farm Records Better

Do you know that Spending just 15 minutes a day updating your farm records can improve your agribusiness profits? To run a profitable business, keep and use its records. It is a must for all the agribusinesses like farming, input shops and traders like a cafeteria, cooperatives and transporters. In this free guide, we will…

How to control aphids from your plants permanently

Aphids cause farmers a lot of financial and yield loss. You can control and prevent their outbreak in your land by observing hygienic gardening practices (GAPS) like precise irrigation. There are various natural methods and products for their control like the neem oil, diatomaceous earth or washing them off with clean water as outlined

Which are The Best Timber Trees in Kenya?

Are you searching for the fastest growing timber trees to grow in Kenya? Timber trees are fast-growing and can be harvested for their wood, bark, and leaves. Their high biomass makes them profitable for commercial timber production. You will grow those tree species to harvest and sell them in a few years. You can thin…

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