Which is the Best small tractor for your farm?

A compact tractor is the most important machine to automate operations on your farm, factory or a ranch. They can carry loads, push and pull larger items in the farm than humans and other smaller machines like wheelbarrows or electric handcarts. If you operate a small piece of farm or want your farm to stay…

Where can you buy the best seeds online in Kenya

Are you wondering where to buy good quality planting seeds in Kenya? Thanks to technological advancements, you can now easily source farm inputs like seeds, pesticides and tools online. Another chance is to make direct orders from a seed company from their websites. Why buy your seeds or seedlings online? The advantages of sourcing planting…

How to Control Desert locusts using Safe Methods

In this article, we discuss biological control and other safe methods to control schistocerca gregaria invasion. These include; use of neem oil, metarhizium bio-pesticide and natural predators such as chicken. other measures are planting trees and cover crops, making locust traps and harvesting them for human and livestock consumption.

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