Is Hay Farming in Kenya Really Profitable?

Are you curious about the profitability of hay farming in Kenya’s arid and semi-arid lands (ASALs)? In this detailed analysis, we’ll explore how you can maximize profits from hay farming, particularly with Boma Rhodes grass, African Foxtail, and Maasai Love grass. We’ll break down the costs, potential earnings, and practical tips to ensure your hay farming venture is successful.

Is CSA the best answer to Africa’s food Security?

Climate change is the worst risk to modern agriculture. Droughts, floods and erratic weather patterns have become more severe and frequent in the recent past. It impacts the food security, jobs and incomes of millions of farmers across the globe. Climate-smart agriculture or CSA can be a lasting solution to increase farm yields, enhance resilience…

6 ways to make money in climate smart agriculture

Are you looking on ways to solve climate change risks such as floods and droughts and make money while at it? You can promote climate smart agriculture (CSA) to mitigate farmers incomes and yields despite facing droughts and flooding. Climate smart agriculture methods include irrigation, growing animal fodder and agroforestry among others. Each of these…

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