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How profitable is Tomato farming in Kenya?

In this article, learn how much money you can make farming tomatoes in Kenya. The analysis compares costs and income for ┬╝ and 1 acre piece of land for the open field cultivation using irrigation....

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How profitable is tomato growing in Greenhouses?

In this article, learn how much money you can make farming tomatoes in greenhouses. The analysis has the incomes and costs for growing tomato in a 30 by 8 green house for the small-scale farmers....

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Best horticulture products for the export market

Are you looking to venture into horticulture farming for export in Kenya? In this post we give you a list of best vegetables, herbs and fruits you can grow in Kenya to target the export...

How profitable is kales farming in Kenya 2

How to grow spinach and Kales in Kenya

Are you a commercial vegetable or horticultural farmer looking to harvest more spinach for extra profits? In this post, we will give you tips for how to grow big spinach and kales vegetables in Kenya....

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Best cabbage varieties to grow in Kenya

Are you looking for the best cabbage variety in Kenya? In this post, we give you a comparison of various cabbage varieties available from seed companies operating in Kenya. Hybrid or the F1 cabbage are...

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How profitable is spinach farming in Kenya?

In this profit analysis, we determine the expected income for spinach farming in in Kenya. We use the gross margin analysis method to average get total revenues from an average price per Kilogram and total...

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How profitable is kales farming in Kenya?

┬áKales popularly known as “Sukuma wiki” kales in Swahili, is the most consumed vegetable in Kenya and Uganda. Almost every family in Kenya enjoy kales served with ugali at least once each week. 90 per...

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Best Traditional vegetables in Kenya

Are you can an urban or rural farmer looking to tap into mboga kienyeji farming in Kenya? In this post we will list the indigenous vegetables for different communities in Kenya. The African leafy vegetables...


Best leafy vegetables to grow in Kenya

We grow leafy vegetables for their edible leaves. You can consume them when they are cooked , steamed or raw in case of salads and extracted juice. They are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and...

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Most Profitable herbs to grow in Kenya

Exotic herbs farming is beneficial in enriching your home dishes. They are also highly profitable if grown for sale in domestic and export market.