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Agricultural Lime: Why you need it.

Are you looking to increase crop yield this season? Use of agricultural lime can help you by correcting one of main challenges in Kenya, soil acidity. According to soil testing studies, Acidic soils occupy 13%...

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Tips for profitable maize farming in Kenya

This article explores the challenges maize farming in Kenya farmers must overcome to make profits. It gives some solutions to mitigate the worst risks at the end of this post. An example is soil testing...

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Tips for buying productive farming land in Kenya

Learn the best tips for buying or leasing a productive farmland. Look near towns and areas with good infrastructure and carry out due diligence and a soil test.


How to Test your Soil PH at home-DIY

Good soil quality is basic for high crop yields, performance and profitability. To determine soil health, you need a soil test. This will help you to determine its type, PH (acidity or alkalinity value), organic...


Best Agribusiness ideas in Soil and Plant Nutrition

Best ideas in soil testing and plant nutrition include Soil testing,
selling lime, fertilizers & manure offer advisory services or selling soil testing kits online