How to observe Good agriculture practices in your farm

The desire to succeed is an inherent human value for good health or wealth goals. Farming as a hobby and home gardening to grow safe food can help you in abundant living. Besides, profitable farming can give you more income. In this article, we give you 20 tips for successful farming in 2021 What does…

Best Modern farming technologies for you in 2022

Learn 7 agritech awesome innovations from Israel They are drip irrigation, water recycling, use of biopesticides and bio fertilizers. other focus on smart farming technologies that uses IoT and AI these are use of data analytics, robotics and sensors in farms.

Best farmer associations to join in Kenya

Kenya has robust farmer associations from grassroots to national levels. Locally, they have village self-help or farmer groups. They use them to bargain for better prices and terms with suppliers and buyers. At higher levels, they join cooperatives or associations. It helps them in representation, lobbying and self-regulation. Besides, they are crucial in engagement with…

How to control aphids from your plants permanently

Aphids cause farmers a lot of financial and yield loss. You can control and prevent their outbreak in your land by observing hygienic gardening practices (GAPS) like precise irrigation. There are various natural methods and products for their control like the neem oil, diatomaceous earth or washing them off with clean water as outlined

What you need to know about organic Farming

This post addresses what you need to know about organic farming. It includes types, benefits and how you can raise crops and livestock organically in Kenya. Besides, there are tips for high yields for profitable organic farming and for home gardeners who are seeking self-sufficiency.