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Is Grain Business profitable in Kenya?

Food traders are the most essential service providers in the world. They provide food and nutritional security for millions of people by linking farmers to consumers. In Kenya, they buy, store, dry, re-bag and distribute...

Fertlizer application rates 1

Fertilizer Application Rates per Crop in Kenya

Are you looking for the best planting or topdressing fertilizer for your crops? This article lists the fertilizer application rates per crop In Kenya. The recommended rates or doses are according to the  Ministry of...

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Best irrigation water pumps in Kenya

A guide on how to choose irrigation water pumps in Kenya. It has the best types, sellers & prices of solar, wind, electric, generators, hydrams & siphons

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Best agribusiness ideas for Kenyans in diaspora

Around 4 million Kenyans work and study in the diaspora. Some of them can be successful investors in the food and agriculture industry back at home. But which are the best ideas they can invest...


What you need to know about fertilizers

Fertilizers can improve your crop’s yield and farm profits. In Kenya, there are over 40 brands and blends approved for use. The most popular are chemical, organic and foliar feed fertilizers. But what is the...

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Tips for profitable maize farming in Kenya

This article explores the challenges maize farming in Kenya farmers must overcome to make profits. It gives some solutions to mitigate the worst risks at the end of this post. An example is soil testing...

Potato seed Varieties in Kenya 1

Best potato Seed varieties in Kenya?

Are you looking for the best potato variety to grow in Kenya? The list below compares all the types of potatoes available in the country. To choose the best potato seed variety, compare their; maturity...


Is managu farming in Kenya profitable?

How profitable is mboga kienyeji farming in Kenya? In this post, we analyses the costs and farm profits of growing managu or the black nightshade a key traditional vegetable for horticulture commercial farmers. The analyses...

Maize farming in Kenya 1

How profitable is maize farming in Kenya?

This post explores how profitable is maize farming in Kenya. It will detail the money you will spend on buying seed, fertilizer and labour costs. It will also give you the profits after getting the...

How profitable is kales farming in Kenya 2

How to grow spinach and Kales in Kenya

Are you a commercial vegetable or horticultural farmer looking to harvest more spinach for extra profits? In this post, we will give you tips for how to grow big spinach and kales vegetables in Kenya....