planting landscaping grass

Can you make money by Landscaping in Kenya

If you are looking for a business opportunity in Kenya, you might want to consider starting a landscaping business. Not only is the demand for landscaping services increasing in Kenya, but it can also be a profitable venture. In this…

a herd of white sheep

Is sheep farming profitable in Kenya

Are you wondering if sheep farming in Kenya is profitable?  In this blog post, we will give show you how to determine costs and profits of a sheep farm. The post will use the cost and benefits analysis method for setting up and running a sheep farm
Pawpaw plant with unripe fruits

Is Pawpaw farming in Kenya Profitable?

Learn about successful pawpaw farming in Kenya. The post has requirements, planting and harvesting methods, pawpaw varieties grown in Kenya, as well as the costs, profits, and challenges of pawpaw farming in Kenya.