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Tips for profitable maize farming in Kenya

This article explores the challenges maize farming in Kenya farmers must overcome to make profits. It gives some solutions to mitigate the worst risks at the end of this post. An example is soil testing...


How to store your cereals & grains without toxic preservatives

How can grain farmers, traders and consumers reduce food losses to pests and bad weather? Explore 3 cheap ideas. These are hermetic bags, airtight containers, metallic and plastic hermetic silos. You will also limit the use of toxic pesticides and preservatives


Are pesticides shortening your life?

How can you reduce your exposure to pesticide poisoning as a farmer, chemical handler or consumer? learn various tips like using bio-pesticides, wearing PPEs, growing your own food and observing GAPs and IPM.

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How to Control Desert locusts using Safe Methods

In this article, we discuss biological control and other safe methods to control schistocerca gregaria invasion. These include; use of neem oil, metarhizium bio-pesticide and natural predators such as chicken. other measures are planting trees and cover crops, making locust traps and harvesting them for human and livestock consumption.


How to make millions in fumigation business

In this post, learn how to make super profits helping farmers, herders and families to control pests. A fumigation business will improve the quality and quantities of yields for you.  Sometimes, they can cause post-harvest...