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This tag features urban agriculture posts to improve food supply and income for the urban people. Farming in towns is beneficial in reducing greenhouse gases and food waste associated with processing and long-distance transit. Besides, you can eat more hygienic. healthy and nutritious food.

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Vertical farming: What you need to know

How can you grow enough food for self-consumption and sale within urban areas?  In this blog article, we will discuss various vertical farming methods that are available for cheap food growing for urban people.  Urbanization...

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Best Vine Vegetables for your organic home garden

While selecting the best vegetables to grow, choose the crop with the most benefits for yields, food and nutrition. One way to get this right is growing a garden plant that you can use its...

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Why you should be a locavore

As an action against climate change, be a locavore; grow, buy and eat local food more often. These tips will cut your carbon footprint & GHGs emissions and benefit your states economy.

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How to start a profitable organic farm-A guide

As a newbie or an expert in organic farming? This guide has 8 steps you can follow to start or expand an organic farm for extra profits and lasting reputation.


Why you need a Kitchen garden during and post COVID-19

Learn why you need a home garden during and after COVID-19 pandemic. Benefits of a kitchen garden include saving and making money, growing fresh and healthy food and a worthy hobby or fun activity.


How to start an Organic Home Garden-A Quick Guide

Anyone can do survival gardening. But how do you start a kitchen garden? In this article, we will assume we are in an apocalyptic world. We will provide a step by step quick guide on how to start an organic survival garden.


COVID-19 positive impact on Global Agriculture and food markets.

Every cloud has a silver lining. This is true to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It was first reported in Wuhan, China in December 2019. To date, the viral disease has affected over 1.3 million...

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Top 7 Agriculture trends to watch in 2021

What are the new agriculture trends in Kenya to watch this year? Events in the last year and a review of events in the first two months of 2021, reveals the key trends to watch....

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5 Smart farming ideas beyond Covid-19

What are the best 5 farming ideas for individuals and agribusinesses Post Covid-19 pandemic? we explore urban farming & home gardening, use of drones, robots, and driver-less tractors and growing e-Commerce and digital marketing in sale of farm inputs and produce.


Best vegetables for your container kitchen garden

Are you looking for the best vegetables in a small space like a kitchen garden, sack garden or containers like buckets. You can grow leafy vegetables for their edible leaves. They are rich in fiber,...